About Us

The Foland Group is comprised of four distinct merchandising divisions uniquely positioned to capitalize on strong international growth trends in location based entertainment, specialty retailing and mass merchandising.

The Dennis Foland, Inc. Merchandising Services division, and parent company, founded in 1979 as a custom souvenir and novelty supplier, steadily building a customer base of theme parks and attractions that have all become American and international household names: Knott’s Berry Farm, San Diego Zoo and Chuck E. Cheese’s, among many others. DFI remains a key component of The Foland Group, adding custom merchandise, and merchandising planning, capabilities.

The 1988 acquisition of the Novelty Specialties candy division marked The Foland Group's entry into the mass retailing segment with candy-based novelties for such customers as Mervyn’s and Cost Plus. Novelty’s custom pinwheels, toppers, and seasonal candy-filled items have been seen at the majority of amusement parks in the U.S., and are increasingly successful in mass retailing channels.

Acquired in 1996, Charm Company is America’s leading supplier of battery-operated motion toys. In addition to having the nation’s largest selection in this unique toy category, Charm maintains a higher quality standard than competitors. For this reason, the company has built a strong customer base among high-end specialty retailers, catalogs and department stores. Charm products have always set toy store standards. With the trend towards specialty and themed retailing, these toys are now seen running, barking, jumping and oinking in theme parks, hotels, and gift shops everywhere.

The newest division, Sureshot Redemption, was launched in 1997 to focus on prize redemption counters at entertainment centers. Sureshot is a natural outgrowth of The Foland Group’s strengths in importing, customer service, shipping, and custom product development. With a strength of service that many industry competitors cannot match, Sureshot has gained a large part of the market share serving some of the leaders in the industry. Many fine organizations such as Chuck E. Cheese’s, Dave & Buster's and Namco Cybertainment all turn to Sureshot for their redemption needs.

The Foland Group’s success is based on a simple formula: build sales by building lasting customer relationships. Foland personnel work closely together to attend to all the critical details that insure trust, commitment, and satisfaction among our customers. A high level of product quality, personal service, and professional integrity differentiates The Foland Group from its competitors.

Key Foland Group personnel bring a wealth of experience in the merchandising, importing, retailing, entertainment, and consumer goods industries, with management and top executive backgrounds from such companies as Disney and other top international companies.